gaming rgb hardline watercooling

All Custom Gaming requirements

Gaming PC's

Do you have a passion for gaming and want to be part of the PC Masterrace but dont know where to start with building a system? We will spec out and build a brand new gaming rig according to any budget, giving you the most FPS for your buck!

bulk office workstations

office workstations of any quantity

Office Workstations

We understand the challenges that come with running a small business. Heck, we're a small business ourselves. Regardless of the size of your business we are able to service all of your hardware needs and make sure you're always running at 100%.

desktop pc repair

any repair to any desktop computer

PC Repair

Nothing lasts forever, but together we can make sure when something does break it doesnt spell the end for your expensive computer. We will be able to have you back up and running in a heartbeat.. (not a literal term)

gaming rgb pc upgrade

upgrade of any desktop personal computer

PC Upgrade

Missing that responsiveness of a brand new PC and software cleanups just dont do the trick anymore? Lets breathe some new life into an old system and bring it back up to "speed" so you can be as productive as possible.

laptop repair

repair to all makes of pc laptop

Laptop Repairs

If your laptop has given up its ghost and gives you a black screen or worse yet, a blue screen of death, we are eager to assist you. We specialise in Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Dell and MSI, but will gladly assist with any others.

upgrade laptop ssd ram

make your laptop as snappy as it used to be

Laptop Upgrades

Software gets a lot more demanding as time goes by and the result of this is that your hardware doesnt feel as responsive as it used to. Let's get that responsiveness back with a RAM or SSD upgrade.

vintage desktop computer

If your PC is too far gone for an upgrade

Hardware Sales

PC hardware is expensive, be it Components, Desktops, Laptopsor Accessories. Allow us to offer expert advice to match your needs to a budget and give you the best possible value for money.

remote desktop support teamviewer

remote support for most software issues

Remote Desktop Support

There are so many platforms available for remote support, why not make full use of them and save you having to wait for a callout? We will be happy to assist with a wide variety of software related troubles remotely

responsible e-waste

e-Waste does not belong in the local landfill

Responsible Disposal

Remember earlier when we said nothing lasts for ever? if we pump our e-waste into the environment without a care, neither will our planet. All of the e-waste we generate is responsibly disposed of at recycling facilities

windows update overtime

A PC will never come back with updates pending

Always Updated

We also hate waiting for updates to finish, so no matter what the reason for us being in posession of your machine may be, you will never get it back and have to run windows update when all you want to do is just get to work.